Thursday, February 25, 2010

Got my first fill with fluoroscopy on Monday--really an interesting experience! It was fun watching the barium go down my throat and through the band (with 3ccs) and not going through after he added more saline (4ccs). So I ended up with only 3ccs, which I thought was pretty good after looking at the fluoroscopy, but which I'm questioning now.

I was on full liquids until today. This morning, I was kind of nervous about what I was going to eat--I sure don't want to PB first time out! So I scrambled an egg. Took a small bite, chewed it to death, swallowed it, and........nothing happened. Everything still works! So I ate the egg and felt no restriction or no feeling of fullness. An hour later, I was hungry, so I thought, okay, a banana.

Was able to eat the entire banana, which also kind of disturbed me--isn't that too much? But I didn't feel too full and it went down fine. By the way, I'm drinking no liquid for 5 minutes before eating and 30 minutes after.

So for lunch, I had a piece of toast with a little cream cheese and some thin sliced turkey. I know bread can be a problem, but have heard toast is usually okay. Ate very small bites and chewed carefully--again, no problem and no feeling of fullness.

I'm hoping I get some good restriction, but at this point, don't know! I also just read on someone's comments that it takes one person a week to feel any restriction from a fill?

Anyway, I'm glad for the fill and hope I'll be able to tell something soon! (in a good way, not in a painful, stuck way) :D


  1. Unfortunately I can't comment from experience, but I think it's cool you actually got to see your band work. I have read that sometimes it takes time for the restriction to kick in. Hopefully that will happen with you. I can't remember how you said you are getting your fills going forward. When is your next one?

  2. You're right - that does seem to be the consensus.. for some people the restriction kicks in straight away (but not often) for others it can take UP to a week then suddenly they start feeling a bit.
    I think though you're going to need a few fills before you really start to feel the difference. Slow is good - you don't want a shock to yourself going from eating to having to change everything in a hurry.. just work it easy and the rest will come. :)
    Have a lovely Friday.

  3. Bonnie, I haven't decided yet where to get my next fill. I was thinking about going to a highly recommended fill doctor who doesn't use fluoroscopy, but now that I've had the fluro, I'm worried that doing it blind could cause more I'm not sure yet.

    Cara, I'm afraid you're right about needing more fills. I was hoping to be one of those rare people who don't need more than one. But it's only the first day, so maybe in a week or so I'll be able to tell more. Think I'll try a chicken tenderloin and veggies tonight.

  4. I can only share my experience (I have 7 ccs in an 11 cc band), I have some good restriction now but not to the point that I have (to date) pb'd. some people do liquids and mushies after the fill (my doc doesn't require but I do tend to eat lighter right after the feel to get a sense of how tight I might be). Suggest you read Sandy Lee's post and note from her NP on fills and resriction..

  5. Can you give me Sandy Lee's link? I'd love to read it! Thank you!

  6. I've never had a fluoro fill. I didn't feel anything until the second fill (a little gurgling in the mornings), third fill made a huge difference and fourth fill made it perfect...took 4.5 months post op, but that all depends on the doc. Don't look for feeling 'full' the real test is eating as instructed (rules) and seeing how long you're 'satisfied' between meals before you get actual hunger again. I rarely feel 'full' and it means I've overeaten. Hope you're both doing well!

  7. Thank you Band Groupie--that helps. I've been expecting to feel full when I fill up the pouch, but I haven't yet. The bad news is I've gotten hungry between meals. But that may be because I was on a total liquid diet for the last 3 days, so I'm just starving now--lol.

  8. I am a strange one Jill...almost opposite to every one else. Until my second fill I was always hungrier in the morning and more restricted at night. I felt the restriction even with fluids after my first fill and now with the second...I barely eat (2 days after fill) I think everyone is different. Good luck